Tell Me A Story, Daddy….

Tell Me a Story

From the age of our earliest memories, we have listened to and learned from stories.   Remember the lessons of Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Three Little Kittens, Peter Rabbit, and the Night Before Christmas? Decades later we remember those stories and repeat them word for word to our children and grandchildren. They stay with us all of our lives.  They belong to our mythical culture and convey the wisdom of ages in the simplest of terms.  We trust them and we repeat them.

What stories do our prospects and customers want to hear?

Tell me a story

Don’t tell me about the products you sell.

Tell me about the problems you have solved for other people in my situation.

Then tell me what it will be like working with you as you solve those problems for me.

Then tell me how my life will be different after you have solved those problems.

Be sure you tell me what I will get; NOT what you do.

Because I don’t have time to figure out if what I need is what you do.

Tell me a story ….. but make it MY story, not yours.

Oh, and by the way, do you have at least one satisfied client who will testify

that the story you are telling me is true?

Is this the kind of story you are telling?

Bob Martel, MS, PE, PhD

B2B Copywriter & MarCom Consultant

Let Me Tell Your Story to the World

Published by Bob Martel, MS, PE, PhD

Principal, The Write Stuff, LLC, B2B Copywriter & MarCom Consultant, Editor of The Marcom Buzz, Founder, Automation Marketing Leaders Forum

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